Here’s a Man Who Continues to Make a Difference

by | Dec 28, 2020 | Desirable Neighborhood, Gospel-Centered | 0 comments

New Parker Street Ministries staff are challenged to read John Perkins’ Restoring at-risk Communities, Doing it Together and Doing it Right. Parker Street Ministries was founded on Dr. Perkins’ vision for Christian Community Development. He came to Lakeland in 1997 and advised staff and Board during the PSM start-up years.

In November John Perkins was named WORLD Magazine’s “Dan of the Year,” named after the Biblical character Daniel. Looking over Perkins life story and work, University of Virginia historian Charles Marsh calls Perkins “the most influential African American Christian leader since Dr. King.” Please take time to read about this man who influenced thousands of people in urban ministry the world over. Notice that even in the context of suffering, old age, and the volatility of race relations in America, Dr. Perkins continues to emphasize reconciliation. “If we are going to help others understand who Jesus is, our own lives must reflect His character and love.” That’s why we must love political opponents and others: “it is at this precise moment that the watching world gets a glimpse of Him.”