Young Adult Program & Workforce Lab

Young Adult Program for Grades 9-12

Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind. – Romans 12:2
Workforce Lab students in front of Catapult

The Young Adult Program (YAP) serving high school youth through post-high school seeks to keep students thriving and preparing for life beyond high school—wherever that takes them. Our desire is to help our kids recognize their God-given value and resource them with what they need to realize their full potential. The Young Adult Program Director aims to track these students as young adults to monitor their progress after graduation.

During the school year, high school students spend about an hour and a half on campus each day. Some stay longer to volunteer. This time is dedicated to:

  • providing a healthy meal/snack for them while they spend time decompressing from their day
  • discussing a devotional together
  • setting weekly goals to improve grades
  • setting weekly goals to improve their relationships at home and with friends
  • homework help/studying and test prep
  • one-on-one budgeting sessions
  • researching and discovering potential career opportunities/desires
  • providing a safe and comfortable environment to help them develop spiritually and emotionally

Summer Workforce Lab Program

Workforce Lab students in front of Catapult
Young women conducting a mock interview workforce lab with student

In the summer, PSM offers the Workforce Lab Program—a financial capability program for rising 9th and 10th graders to exercise soft job skills and set goals in an environment that is shaped by the Gospel. The purpose is to help build a talent pipeline and keep students thriving and consistently preparing for life beyond high school as they enter the workforce. In 2023, Workforce Lab celebrated its 8th year. Since it began in 2016, 54 high school students completed financial courses and opened bank accounts.

For eight weeks, students participate in experiential learning through:

  • opening their own bank accounts and making deposits
  • creating resumes for themselves and practicing interview skills through mock interviews
  • exploring different career options
  • field trips to colleges, trade schools, and STEM industries
  • completing a series of financial fitness boot camps
  • connections to other nonprofits and each other
  • attending etiquette lunches

In addition, Workforce Lab participants earn actual paychecks in the form of stipends. These stipends will be matched (minimum of 50%) when the students graduate on-time from high school. The goal is to help students learn about saving and develop the habit of saving now before they officially enter the workforce. These young people also learn about responsibility. Infractions and inappropriate behavior mean they may not get their full stipends.

Workforce Lab is made possible through the prayers and support of many.

The 2023 Summer Workforce Lab Program was funded by: CareerSource Polk and Publix Super Markets Charities. Thank you!

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