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During my spring break, I went with a group of 12 college students to volunteer at Parker Street Ministries. It was a truly amazing experience to engage with this organization that is promoting change and love within their community. Parker Street impacts its community in a variety of different ways, and I am blessed to have seen just a glimpse. The staff is all amazing! They truly cared for us and encouraged us. I will remember my time at Parker Street forever and hope to return!

– Elizabeth D.

I had one of the best weeks of my life at Parker Street Ministries and I got to work with and witness some amazing men and women of God. Fin was amazing and I love what the ministry is doing. Keep up the good work Parker Street, lives are being changed!
– Christine D.

I love how Parker Street Ministries gives a hand up and truly loves on the community. Their staff is amazing they always have a smile and are the most pleasant of people to interact with. Keep up the great work!
– Jennifer J.

This ministry is amazing. They do a lot for the community. Helping with after school program, summer program, job experience, and Christmas shop. They’re Our Family. We Love Parker street Ministries.

– Quena P.

I was privileged enough to help with Parker Street Ministries Christmas store yesterday. It was a pleasure to see the smiles and happiness. Parker Street is a wonderful organization.

– Nita L.

This is a great place to go to if you live in the neighborhood especially if you have kids, they provide a summer and after school program and try to help you.
– Janay R.