Volunteers: Priceless

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Volunteer of the Year Candidate

Volunteers: Priceless

We’ve quantified our volunteer experiences from 2015. You are irreplaceable!  We try to give volunteers a sense of how their work fits in with our total work. Sometimes, when you’re pulling weeds or at the wrong end of a super soaker, it’s difficult to see the big picture.  Below is the Big Picture BY NUMBERS of our volunteer work in 2015.

738 unduplicated volunteers

8464 hours served at a value of $169,280 dollars (The Nonprofit Sector)

2570 volunteer experiences

3301 of those hours were to help our kids learn STEM subjects: Science-Technology-Engineering-Math

2800+ hours addressed My Brothers Keepers Initiatives for young men of color, such as kindergarten readiness, college prep, or reading the third grade

295 of those volunteers were skills-based volunteers

5954 of the hours were skills-based hours

46 of the volunteers were indigenous to the Parker Street neighborhood. They served 2215 hours or 26%

2215 or 26% of the hours served were by indigenous volunteers!

Will you be a part of the transformation of this impoverished neighborhood by volunteering in 2016? Our goal is three volunteers per classroom and there are other one-time or ongoing opportunities.  See the volunteer area of this website for more information or email volunteer@psmlakeland.org