Jesus’ command to “Love your neighbor” was demonstrated throughout the formation of PSM’s new 5-year plan. This document is the culmination of a 7-month process led by an organizational development expert. Seventy stakeholders took time out of their busy schedules to participate in many capacities, from attending visioning sessions to providing subject matter expertise. They represented staff, trustees, clients, donors, volunteers, education professionals, nonprofits, government, and churches. Because of their efforts we were able to—

  • Obtain funding for facilitation through an Empower Polk Grant from GiveWell Community Foundation
  • Affirm and restate our Mission and Vision
  • Formalize Core Values, or non-negotiables, to be used in decision making, training, and communications
  • Form and correlate proposed Focus Areas to identified needs, Mission, Vision, and Core Values
  • Consult with subject matter experts in each focus area
  • Identify current and past activities supporting focus areas
  • Develop 5-year goals, outcomes, and timelines until consensus is reached
  • Identify research required for successful outcomes
  • Create final document for approval by the Board of Trustees

It was a lot, and I am grateful for each and every one that participated and provided encouragement, counsel, and wisdom (see participants below). The vision is cast, and we are in the implementation phase. Won’t you join us? Together we can accomplish great things!

Click here to view the 5-year plan for 2023-27.

For our good and God’s Glory,
Tim Mitchell, CEO

*This strategic planning process was made possible by GiveWell Community Foundation and its Empower Polk Grant Cycle! Thank you, GWCF! 

Board of Trustees
Lynn Andersen
Howard Bayless
Teresa Bray
Kay Cochran
Monty Davis
Scott MacDonald
Randy Mathews
Marc Presnell
Terri Presnell
Lance Schmidt
Lynne Simpkins
Sandra Thiele
Joe Whitehurst

Full-Time Staff
Tim Mitchell, CEO
Christina Allen
Katie Anderson
Sarah Breed
Hannah Hardin
Emily Pandolfi
Hannah Scruggs
William Wainwright

Greg Allen
Mary An
Albert Aviles
Brad Beatty
Steve Bissonnette
Lori Boyles
Josh Breed
Jeff & Diane Broadus
Stacy Campbell-Domineck
Shawn & Carole Cook
Heaven Foster
Ann Fulton
Darrel Fulton
Zach Gilmore
Ty Hardin
Kahneeta Hayes
Tara Jessup
Trisha MacDonald
Teresa Maio
Frank McCaulley
Christy Mitchell
Nick Moss
Carmen Pagan
Brooke Prevatt
Rob & Gail Quam
Brian Rewis
Andy Ritchie
Jonathan Rodriguez
Ben Ruch
Steve & Tammy Scruggs
Brian & Kari Seeley
Mike Smith
Lauren Springfield
Beth Steward
Christin Strawbridge
Nicki Turner
Marsha Vass
Stacy Weaver
Melissa Whitehurst
Tracy Wilson
Will Yancey
Mike Smith

Angie Winn, Winn Summit Consulting
Kim Schell


Parker Street Ministries (PSM) is a 501c3 nonprofit in Lakeland, Florida that follows a Gospel-centered model characterized by living, listening, affirming dignity, and building community together in and through the Parker Street neighborhood. For more than two decades, PSM’s vision has been to see a city transformed by the power of the Gospel through building champions who make possible desirable neighborhoods, lifetime learners, financial sustainability, and healthy communities for all.