Fourteen Parker Street households signed up to help promote Neighborhood Christmas Store at a family workshop/dinner on October 3. While the kids were making Advent calendars, parents talked about how they could plan for year-round giving, including Christmas, other holidays, and birthdays. Afterward parents provided feedback on store operations and wish lists for this year’s store and kids’ corner.

What do they love about the store? Personal shoppers. Affordability. Recurring volunteers. (Are you reading this, volunteers?) Selecting their own kids’ toys. “It takes the stress out of Christmas and is always a fun time of community to look forward to!”

What would they change? How about making two lines for wrapping – one “express” and one for “the works”? Is one registration card possible?
This year’s Christmas Store t-shirt was also unveiled and will go to this neighborhood team, staff, and community champions who are gathering toys.

All these suggestions and more are going back to the staff for final decisions about how best to run the 2018 store. For more info what the Christmas Store section of the What We Do page.