Celebrating Graduates

by | Jun 7, 2021 | Education, Healthy Community | 0 comments

Congratulations, Graduate!⁠ ⁠“After graduating I am going to Polk State to study advertising and marketing. I plan to focus on the graphic design part of things but learn tips and tricks to sell. “⁠
Congratulations to this high school graduate who spent many years in the afterschool program, AND was a past participant in the Workforce Lab. He is receiving a savings match for his next steps.⁠⁠

Workforce Lab is an eight-week experiential learning program that focuses young high school students on financial capability, career/education planning, soft job skills, and Jesus in all those things. Students earn stipends and a chance to match those stipends upon on-time graduation. The Libertore Fund For Children funded the program and matches.

Parker Street Ministries (PSM) is a 501c3 nonprofit in Lakeland, Florida that follows a Gospel-centered model characterized by living, listening, affirming dignity, and building community together in and through the Parker Street neighborhood. For twenty-two years, PSM’s vision has been to see a city transformed by the power of the Gospel through building champions who make possible desirable neighborhoods, lifetime learners, financial sustainability, and healthy communities for all.