History / Vision

“The Word became flesh and moved into the neighborhood.” John 1:14

In 1996, a core group of Christians trusted in the God of the Bible who cares for the poor. They took that trust in God to a particular impoverished neighborhood and invited others to join them and to listen to the people who live there – to share their experiences – as their neighbors. It began in little ways, folding laundry together in laundry rooms, helping children get homework done, picking up trash together, praying for all kinds of things. The big commitment was to individual, family, and community restoration, reconciliation, and revitalization.

We’ve grown a lot over two decades, and we continue with a vision for community development that is shaped by the Gospel. There are plans and goals and ways to measure progress. All of this happens through an abundance of prayer, people, financial, and facility resources.

Long range plan for 2017-2022

Action plan for 2019

Charting Impact Study 2019

History / Vision - Parker Street Ministries in Lakeland, FL
Workforce young adults crossing the street

We long for residents who are:

  • influential Lifetime Learners who reach their full potential;
  • living in a Desirable Neighborhood containing exceptional businesses and housing;
  • Financially Fit stewards who are generous through dependence on God; and
  • pursuing Healthy Community as all people are created in God’s image.

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PSM Strategic Plan Update OCT 2015 For Release

Parker Street Ministries’ core beliefs center around 3 biblical truths:


All people are created in the image of God. Genesis 1:26



Everyone has suffered, in all aspects of their humanity, due to the Fall of mankind into sin. Romans 3:23

History and Vision - Parker Street Ministries - Lakeland, FL


Jesus Christ paid the penalty of our sin (death) on the cross in our place that we may be forgiven and restored to fellowship with God.  Colossians 1:19-20

As a result of our redemption we have:

New Life in Christ—Christ was raised from the dead that we too may have new life, living by the power of the Holy Spirit. Galatians 2:20, Romans 6:4

We see the redemptive works of God in the spiritual, physical, mental, and social life of humanity. We also see the redeeming power of the Gospel affecting individuals, their communities, and larger social systems. Therefore, our core values direct us to “do ministry” holistically.

Reasons to Celebrate!



of Academic Enrichment offered each child per year


Healthy Snack/Meals

served in 2020


High School Students

completed financial course and opened bank accounts



volunteering in programs