Financial Fitness

Financial Fitness Program - Parker Street Ministries - Lakeland, FL
Financial Fitness Program - Parker Street Ministries - Lakeland, FL

Make [My] Money Last

The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it. Psalm 24:1


We desire that all ages be taught financial skills, that they be encouraged to save for emergencies, and that they, if necessary, be provided a plan to improve their credit score. All financial fitness is taught in the context of God’s ownership of everything and our position as His managers. Financial fitness instruction is led by qualified money mentors. Student lessons incorporate parent participation at home.  A large library of financial fitness games, books, and manipulatives are a part of each classroom.

In addition, Financial Fitness Workshops for the whole family occur at least four times per year. Adults are also invited to attend a group class that utilizes the FDIC’s MoneySmart curriculum. It happens on most second Saturdays at 9am and childcare is provided. Each unit has its own topic, so adults can miss an occasional class and not have to play catch-up.

Finally, so that each family can practice generosity, an annual coin drive occurs over the summer. Recent projects helped provide books for Kiriti Joy Academy in Kenya and helped fund a new school in Haiti called the Hope for Haiti project. Students learn about other needs, geography, and the power of savings and community during these coin drives.

Our goal is to help households build their own $500 emergency fund, grow in budgeting, and improve credit scores. 

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